Try These 5 Tips If You’re Dealing With A Pesky Headache That Won’t Go Away!

Every now and then, a splitting headache can take you by surprise. From leaving you disoriented to a low thrumming in your ears, headaches are known to be awful. There are times when, no matter how much water you drink or painkillers you eat, the heavy pounding just won’t simmer down.

Not to mention besides being incredibly frustrating, the constant throbbing in your head can become a huge distraction in your daily life. But what does it truly mean if your headache won’t go away?

In this blog, we’ve highlighted all that you need to know about chronic migraines and how to get rid of them.

Why Won’t My Headache Go Away?

As debilitating as they are, headaches come in many shapes and sizes. If you’ve recently found yourself clutching your head, mumbling in pain, perhaps it’s time to identify the type of headache you’re dealing with.

Once you know the cause, it might make it easier to understand the relationship and nature of your pain. Here are some common types of headaches that can stir up quite a storm:

1. Migraine
An intense headache that causes sensitivity to light and sound, often occurring in one side of the head.

2. Tension Headache
Tension headaches are, by far, one of the most common headaches out there, as they mainly result from stress and anxiety.

3. Cluster Headache
Clusters around one side of the head and sends waves of intense pain. Has the tendency to last months or weeks on end.

4. Intractable Migraine
A severe kind of migraine that tends to linger for more than 72 hours and cause limitless pain.

5. Rebound Headache
Often known as medication-induced headaches, rebound headaches occur as a side effect when a person takes too many painkillers or other prescription drugs.

Tips To Get Rid Of A Headache That Won’t Go Away

Oftentimes, dehydration, sinusitis, and even some medications can be the major reason behind long-lasting headaches. However, if you want to reduce the discomfort and learn how to minimize an oncoming headache, try following the tips mentioned below:

1. Hydrate Yourself
Be it water, tea, or fresh juices, as long as you constantly drink liquids and hydrate yourself, you won’t have to worry about pressurizing headaches.

2. Apply A Cold Compress
When in doubt, apply a cold compress on your forehead to ease the pain.

3. Rest Frequently
This may seem obvious, but too much stress and worry can be a big reason behind the pounding in your head. Remember to take breaks and rest your mind. Practice yoga to calm yourself down.

4. Consult A Medical Professional
If you notice a frequent pattern in your headaches or your headache won’t go away, no matter what, perhaps it’s best to schedule a professional evaluation.

5. Step Away From Digital Screens
Doom scrolling is a real threat. Make it a habit every now and then to step away from your phone and computer screen to rest your eyes.

Tired of Chronic Migraines?

Headaches can be a real pain in the brain, especially those that tend to last forever. But just because a headache won’t go away doesn’t mean it has to control your life. Take a stand for yourself and contact Aqeeq Internal Medicine today at 832-786-8195 to seek help. You can also find our clinic at the Cairnway Plaza, situated at 16125 Cairnway Drive Ste 114, Houston, TX 77084.



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