The Best (And Worst) Positions To Lay In To Relieve Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can make it tough to fall asleep or stay asleep at night. You can do a few things to make yourself comfortable, though, and make it easier to get some rest. Certain positions to lay in to relieve stomach pain can help make this possible.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to sleep with stomach pain and which positions you should use to make it easier for you. We’ll also mention which positions you should not sleep in!

How Sleeping Positions Affect Your Stomach Pain

This may be surprising, but the position you sleep in can affect your gut. It makes sense since the stomach is naturally on the left side of the body, and letting it rest there may allow it to digest food more effectively. When the stomach passes digested food onto the intestines, it uses gravity to help.

On the same subject, there are certain ways your stomach may be experiencing undue pressure. If you feel bloated and gassy, your clothes may be too tight, which can restrict the room available to the stomach and gut. Sleeping in contorted or awkward positions can make it difficult for the stomach to do its job and encourage gas buildup. Some people may experience heartburn, and it’s common for doctors to advise an elevated sleeping position to prevent this.

With this in mind, which sleeping positions are best to relieve stomach pain?

The Best Positions To Lay In To Relieve Stomach Pain

If you’re a side sleeper, good news! Sleeping on your left side is a good way to relieve stomach pain and allow the stomach to stay in its natural position. This lets gravity work as it’s supposed to, helping the stomach digest food properly and preventing gastric acids and gas from accumulating. As a bonus, it also helps keep snoring under control by helping prevent airway obstruction caused by relaxed throat muscles when you sleep.

The valve that separates the large and small intestines is located on the right side of the body. Sleeping on your left side gives this ileocecal valve some breathing room, which can allow digested food and waste to move more freely through the digestive tract. If sleeping on your left side is too uncomfortable, you can place a pillow between your legs, which helps your spine stay aligned and relieves some pressure on your knees.

Sleeping on your right side isn’t bad either, but it can compress the stomach and make you more uncomfortable. Some experts suggest placing a pillow at the base of your spine, which can help you stay asleep on your left side throughout the night.

Finally, sleeping on your back is an excellent way to relieve pain. Since your weight is evenly distributed on the mattress and your spine is naturally aligned, it can help you relax, which in turn can help reduce inflammation. Overall, sleeping on your back is a great way to keep your digestive system in its natural state.

The Worst Positions To Lay In: Not Surprising!

The worst position to lay in might not be surprising to you, but if you’re a stomach sleeper, you’re out of luck! Sleeping on your stomach puts the entire weight of your body onto the gut, which surely doesn’t help. It also makes it difficult for the spine to stay in natural alignment, which can cause more issues.

Some More Advice and Conclusion

  • Wear loose cotton clothing. This prevents any pressure on your stomach or gut.
  • Keep your room cool. Cooler temperatures allow you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Try to keep your room at about 65 degrees.
  • Drink warm ginger water. Herbal teas can help soothe your stomach, and ginger has long been used to help with digestive ailments.
  • Try eating BRAT. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast are all foods that are easy for the body to digest. Eating foods that don’t give your stomach a hard time is key to reducing stomach pain.

If you’re still having trouble sleeping, a doctor can help determine the best treatment for you.

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