Nausea After Eating? 6 Common Causes

If you overeat, you may immediately feel nausea afterward. Sometimes it may occur a few hours later. Since you overfilled your stomach feeling weird is normal, but if the condition occurs frequently, there can be a serious illness for which you should seek immediate medical help.

Six causes of feeling nauseous after eating

Food Poisoning

Bacteria can foster inside unhygienic or non-well cooked food. After eating contaminated food, you may feel nausea.
Stomach flu is another cause of feeling nauseous after taking your meal. You can catch this virus after consuming contaminated food or from another infected person.


Hormones fluctuate excessively during pregnancy and make you nauseous several times a day. Every woman may have different symptoms. For some, nausea can occur before eating, and others can feel like vomiting right after meals. This feeling can become worse when the second month of pregnancy starts and subsides in the fourth month. Feeling sick during pregnancy is a normal thing and isn’t harmful to the mother or offspring.


Food intolerance or allergies can cause nausea after eating. Some people may be intolerant to foods containing gluten or lactose. For a few individuals, foods that generate gastric gas can be troublesome. With a food allergy, you can be nauseous right after eating.

Sometimes food allergies are accompanied by added symptoms like difficulty breathing or swallowing and swelling in the facial area.
If such a situation occurs, don’t wait too long before seeing your doctor. Contact Aqeeq Internal Medicine at 832-786-8195.


Nausea after eating can indicate shrinkage of arteries in the intestines. The narrowed blood vessels can hinder the flow of blood. Feeling nauseous after eating can come with severe stomachaches.

Gastrointestinal issues
If an organ inside the digestive system malfunctions, it can cause nausea after eating and other GI disorders. For instance, when the ring between the stomach and esophagus stops working properly, gastroesophageal disease (GERD) can develop. GERD can cause stomach acid to travel into the esophagus resulting in heartburn and nausea after eating.


Medication such as pain relievers or antibiotics can make you feel nauseous and cause a bad taste in the mouth. When the treatment ends, the weird feeling will subside. But if it doesn’t, talk to your doctor.

When Should You Seek Medical Help?

Feeling nausea after eating isn’t something serious, but if it persists for a week or more or the symptoms get worse, consult your primary care physician.

How to Prevent Nausea

  • Avoid fiber-rich foods
  • Rather than taking 3 big meals, take 5-6 small meals
  • Add more foods to your diet plan that are easy to digest
  • Chew sugar-free gum or suck on a mint
  • When feeling nauseous, reduce food intake but keep drinking
  • Not feeling good? Contact us.

If you’re feeling sick or need some medical counseling, talk to one of the best internists in Houston. To schedule an appointment with Aqeeq Internal Medicine, call 832-786-8195 or visit us in person.



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