Is That A Cystic Bump On My Gums?

Having a bump on your gums can be an irritating scenario. You should be habitual to seeing any kind of changes happening in your oral cavity. Identifying diseases in the early stages help in early rectification. The bump you see may or may not be painless or look like white dots on gums.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about the lump you feel on your gums.

What Causes Hard Bump on the Gums?

Here are some of the contributing factors to their appearance:

Mandibular Torus

The hard-boned lump on your gum, either on the upper or lower jaw bone, is a mandibular torus. It is a fairly common condition, yet the exact cause is unknown.

Gum Boil

A cyst or a boil on the gums is like a small fluid or air-filled pouch. Cysts usually appear around lifeless teeth’ roots. In case the cystic tooth is let loose, it may cause major grave dangers.

Tooth Abscess

Abscess growth is possible anywhere and is categorized as periodontal if it is on the gum line due to untreated gingivitis.

In this situation, bacteria accumulate under gums, forming a bump due to pus collection. Severe pain and discomfort are prominent in this condition; other than that, some signs include:

  • Throbbing pain on the gums bump that increases after you lie down
  • Mobile soft lump on the gum
  • Pain channeling to the ear and neck from gums
  • Sudden pain impulse

Canker Sores On Gum Line

Canker sores, unlike cold sores, are in no way related to viruses. A canker sore is hard and feels like a bump on the gums. One thing to know is that they pose discomfort, but that’s about it; no further lingering risk.


These are non-cancerous tumors, soft bumps that appear on gums. They form on injured or any tissue that is constantly irritated. People with dental appliances like dentures or braces are more prone to this.

Oral thrush

Thrush is a consequence of fungal accumulation because of various reasons, some of which are using extensive oral antibiotics, or poor oral hygiene, diabetes etc.

Other Lingering Symptoms

  • Intense jaw pain
  • White visible bump on gums
  • Sore that bleeds
  • Extensive discomfort in the tongue
  • Sore throat
  • Chewing or swallowing troubles
  • patches (White or red)on the gums

How To Get Rid of Bumps on Gums Easily?

A puss filled bump on the gum is due to food debris buildup, its reaction with bacteria, and consequent plaque formation.

If the reason for your gum boil is an infection then antibiotics will easily get rid of it. Along with that, professional deep dental cleaning session three times per year has proven effective.

Final Words

The bump, even though harmless, needs catering and appropriate attention. Once you get a checkup, the dentist can start off with appropriate treatment. Why don’t you contact professionals from Aqeeq Medical Center for more information? Dial (832) 786-8195 to connect.



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