Head Feels Heavy? Here Are 6 Possible Reasons Why

Our head feels heavy for multiple reasons. Heaviness in the head usually doesn’t require immediate medical attention. Still, knowing the cause of your discomfort can help you get rid of it. In this blog, we’ll list possible reasons why your head feels heavy.

Reasons Why Your Head Feels Like It’s Heavy

It can be challenging to go through your day with a heavy and full head. Focusing on your tasks and performing fun activities can seem like hard work. A heavy feeling in your head could be a consequence of many conditions. It could be because:

  1. You have a Concussion or Injury to the Head
    A concussion or head injury can have you exclaiming, ‘my head feels heavy and dizzy’. An injury to the head, brain, or even scalp could result in significant discomfort.
    If your head feels heavy due to a concussion, these symptoms might occur as well:

    • Headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Fatigue
    • Vertigo
    • Drowsiness

    Your healthcare provider might ask you to avoid serious activities, alcohol, driving, etc. In addition, proper rest can help you get back to being healthy.

  2. You Have a Sinus Headache
    When your sinus passages become swollen, your head can feel heavy when you’re lying down. Hence, you might find yourself thinking, ‘My head feels heavy, but there’s pressure’.
    You can reduce your sinus headache with the help of the following:

    • Decongestant
    • Saline nasal spray
    • Warm compress
    • Steam
  3. You Have a Tension Headache
    Tension headache could feel like your head is squeezing. Moreover, a dull ache along with neck and muscle tension may occur as well. If your head feels heavy due to a tension headache, it could last anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours or even a week.
    Your doctor might suggest the following to reduce tension headaches:

    • Medications
    • Relaxation
    • Cold and warm compress
    • Good posture
  4. You Have a Poor Posture
    A poor posture can be why your head feels heavy. Therefore, don’t assume a posture with your neck and head tilting forward. Moreover, avoid staying in positions that are not neutral, as it can cause tension headaches. Pay attention to how you position yourself.
    Ask your healthcare provider for tips on a better posture.
  5. Your Muscles are Strained
    Strained muscles can lead to discomfort in your head. If you’ve had an injury that causes pain or strain in your head or neck muscles, it could be the culprit.
    Muscle sprains can be a consequence of sports injuries, car accidents, etc. Furthermore, lifting heavy items can put a strain on your neck. Consequently, you’ll have a heavy head.
    Apart from these, using a computer all day can strain your eyes and neck as a result of fatigue. Thus, take frequent breaks to rest your eyes.
  6. You’re Experiencing Anxiety
    Anxiety can lead to symptoms like a racing heart, difficulty concentrating, sweating, and pressure or heaviness in the head. Anxiety brings fear, nervousness, and worry to the suffering person.
    Anxiety symptoms come and go for some people, while others feel it continuously. You might have an anxiety disorder if you experience these feelings constantly. Thus, visit a therapist. You can also go to a healthcare professional for medical counseling regarding your anxious thoughts about your health.

What to Do?

Factors like concussion, strain, poor posture and more could be why your head feels heavy. For preventing any health conditions or treating existing ones, Aqeeq Internal Medicine can help. Dial (832) 786-8195 to schedule an appointment with us.



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