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What Is An FAA Medical Exam?

The FAA Medical exam is required by the FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) to ensure pilots are healthy and capable of operating an aircraft. In order to comply with the FAA’s requirements, there is specific paperwork that must be completed as part of this exam. Regardless of your needs, Dr. Fakhri will do his best to assist you with any special situations you may have in order to complete requirements by the FAA.

What Happens During An FAA Exam?

The checkup will usually begin with the physician asking about your medical history. Additionally, the physician will assess the patient for any indications of abnormalities or illnesses. Vital signs are usually taken to help the doctor understand the patient’s overall health. Some of the vital signs that may be checked include blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and breathing levels. If needed, the physician may perform hearing and vision tests.


Are there any other services you provide for pilots?

Yes! We can provide FAA BasicMed services for pilots that would like an alternate way of being able to fly an aircraft.

With an FAA BasicMed, you’ll be able to fly without an FAA medical certificate. You will still need to meet specific requirements with a BasicMed and go through a certain physical as per your physician’s instructions.

If you are looking to get an FAA exam or an FAA BasicMed, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment!

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FAA Medical Exams

We offer FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) medical exams, that are required to ensure pilots are healthy and capable of operating an aircraft. We also offer FAA BasicMed, for pilots looking for an alternative.

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