Eye Socket and Brow Bone Pain – 13 Reasons Explained

Have you ever felt a sharp pain in the eye area below your eyebrows that is hindering your daily activities? This often overlooked issue, which can gradually become severe, therefore, deserves our attention. Let’s explore the major reasons behind the pain in the eye socket behind the brow bone and discuss possible treatment options.

Why Is There Pain In My Eye Socket Behind Brows?

  1. The Ice-Pick Cluster Headaches
    You may have pain below the brow bone that is more like sharp and recurrent pain that can last for weeks or months. The researchers have not yet found the exact cause; however, improper regulation of histamine and serotonin may be involved.
  2. Squeezing Tension Headaches
    Tension headaches often spread around the eye sockets and follow the brow bone, causing discomfort and a feeling of compression in the head. Common triggers include stress, lack of sleep, and the onset of flu or cold.
  3. Infection
    Infections in or around the eyes can lead to pain below the eyebrows. The sinuses located near the eyes, within the cavities of your skull bones, upon the onset of infection, contribute to the discomfort.
  4. Glaucoma
    Glaucoma increases eye socket pressure, resulting in pain behind the eyebrows. Over time, this may damage the optic nerve, leading to vision loss.
  5. Muscle Spasms
    In this case scenario, your eyebrow or eyelid can cause involuntary tremors and consequent pain. These spasms occur in the form of episodes. They are typically triggered by factors such as lack of sleep or irregular sleep patterns.
  6. Blood Vessel Inflammation – Temporal Arteritis
    Inflammation of the temporal artery running near the eye socket and behind the brow bone may cause pain. Temporal arteritis is often associated with blood vessel disorders near the eyes or nerve problems in the eye.
  7. Aneurysms
    In this condition, abnormal dilations of blood vessels lead to pain below the eyebrows if they occur near the nerves supplying the eye. The enlarged blood vessel puts pressure on the nerves and may even result in rupture.
  8. Increased Skull Pressure
    Conditions of brain tumors or localized infections, called intracranial abscesses, results in increased pressure within the skull, leading to pain below the eyebrows. The rigid container-like nature of the skull contributes to the discomfort.
  9. Bruising
    Bruising around the eye socket is easy due to the limited cushion in that area. Swelling and pain below the eyebrows often accompany such injuries.
  10. Eye Deviation
    Esophoria is an eye disorder that presents itself with an inward deviation of the eye due to muscle imbalance.
  11. Blocked Sinuses Due To Cold/Allergy
    During a cold or allergy episode, sinus blockages can occur. The resulting pressure build-up in the head can lead to pain below the eyebrows.
  12. Migraine
    Migraines can affect various parts of the head, including the area around your eyes. Acute pain below the eyebrows during a migraine episode can be relieved by finding a quiet, dark room and resting with your eyes closed.
  13. Sinusitis
    When the sinuses become inflamed and swollen due to infection or allergies, it can cause pressure and discomfort in the area surrounding the eyes. This pressure can lead to pain below the eyebrows.

Closing Note

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