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Does High Cholesterol Cause Headaches, Or Is It Just A Myth?

Apr 15, 2023

High cholesterol is a chronic condition that can lead to fatal results if not properly cared for. The problems start with the development of coronary artery disease (CAD), which further leads to heart attack, stroke, and other severe cardiovascular troubles. However, due to the lack of identifiable symptoms, people often wonder, “Does high cholesterol cause […]

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Pain and High Blood Pressure: How Are The Two Connected?

Mar 30, 2023

Not many people would think pain and high blood pressure are connected. But surprisingly, there lies a strong psychological link between the two. Whenever you experience pain, chances are that your blood pressure reading also shoots up, leading to a case of acute hypertension. But how exactly does pain cause high blood pressure? What kind […]

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Sweet Smelling Urine? 5 Potential Reasons This Might Be Happening

Jan 30, 2023

Sweet Smelling Urine? 5 Potential Reasons This Might Be Happening A sweet aroma after urinating could be a cause of concern — where is that fruity smell coming from? Sweet-smelling urine usually indicates a serious underlying medical condition. Your pee might smell sweet as a result of your body releasing chemicals into your urine, like […]

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Why Is My Leg Numb?

Jan 15, 2023

You might experience numbness in your legs when you sit in one position for too long. However, the numb feeling in your legs can result from multiple factors. So if you’ve had a tingling sensation in your leg or if your leg has been falling asleep, carry on reading this blog to learn the causes. […]

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5 Reasons Why You Have Bloody Mucus in Your Nose

Dec 30, 2022

Imagine blowing your nose on the tissue paper — only to see bloody boogers! Many people notice blood in mucus when blowing their nose, and usually, it’s not a serious concern. Blood in snot is something many Americans notice. Since your nose has a significant blood supply, blowing it frequently can lead to bleeding. There […]

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Constant Urge to Urinate — Why do I Pee So Much?

Dec 15, 2022

If you can’t help but feel the urge to pee constantly throughout the day, it’s not just that you’re drinking too much water. Frequent urination can occur due to a number of health issues. This disruptive urge throughout the day will have you wondering, ‘Ugh, why do I have to pee so much?’. But the […]

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5 Reasons Why You’re So Thirsty

Nov 30, 2022

Being thirsty is normal after you eat something spicy or have an intense workout session. But it’s surely a red flag if you’re excessively thirsty and can’t relieve your parched mouth. Some common health problems that can be why you’re feeling so thirsty include: Dehydration Thirst is the main symptom of dehydration. Factors like exercise, […]

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