5 Reasons Why You’re So Thirsty

Being thirsty is normal after you eat something spicy or have an intense workout session. But it’s surely a red flag if you’re excessively thirsty and can’t relieve your parched mouth.

Some common health problems that can be why you’re feeling so thirsty include:

  1. Dehydration
    Thirst is the main symptom of dehydration. Factors like exercise, diarrhea, sweating, etc., can lead to this condition due to insufficient amount of water in your body. Moreover, it might make it challenging to carry out normal tasks.
    Aside from craving water, you might also experience the following symptoms:

    • Dark-colored urine
    • Decreased need to pee
    • Dry mouth
    • Light-headedness
    • Tired
    • Headache
  2. Diabetes
    Polydipsia, which is a thirst that you’re unable to quench, is a symptom of diabetes. In this condition, your body stops making enough insulin hormone or stops using it properly. As a result, too much glucose builds up in your body. Moreover, you’ll feel the need to pee more as the glucose in your urine draws in more water. Therefore, you feel thirsty to replace the fluids your body is losing.
    Apart from frequent urination and excessive thirst, you’ll feel these symptoms if you have diabetes:

    • Blurry vision
    • Feeling tired
    • Hunger
    • Slow-healing cuts or bruises
  3. Diabetes Insipidus
    Don’t let the name fool you, as diabetes insipidus isn’t actually related to diabetes. This condition occurs when the hormone that helps your kidney manage the water quantity in your body isn’t produced enough. The reason you’re feeling so thirsty could be because of diabetes insipidus.
    Other symptoms include:

    • Dehydration
    • Peeing often
  4. Dry Mouth
    You can feel quite thirsty as a result of a dry mouth. Mostly, it is a consequence of less saliva made by the glands in our mouth. Nonetheless, medications you take can give you a dry mouth too. Furthermore, treatment for conditions like cancer, nerve damage in the head or neck, etc., can also lead to a dry mouth.
    You may have these symptoms if the glands in your mouth aren’t making enough saliva:

    • Irritated gums
    • Lipstick marks on teeth
    • Thick saliva
    • Difficulty chewing
    • Bad breath
      Bad taste in mouth
  5. Anemia
    When your body doesn’t have the required amount of red blood cells, you could have anemia. While some people are born with this condition, others can get it later in their lives.
    Poor diet, heavy bleeding, diseases, and other things can cause anemia. You can feel very thirsty if the condition progresses to a severe stage. Other than this, you’ll experience these symptoms:

    • Dizziness
    • Tiredness
    • Weakness
    • Pale or yellowish skin
    • Sweating
    • Quick pulse

What’s Next?

Now that you know the possible reasons why you are so thirsty, it is better to visit a healthcare provider. They can diagnose the cause of your condition and move forwards with the most suitable treatment. Our Aqeeq Internal Medicine experts can help, so schedule an appointment at 832-786-8195.

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