5 Reasons Why You Have Cloudy urine In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when females undergo massive bodily changes, and many are very vigilant when it is noticing deviation. Even minor changes like cloudy urine in pregnancy can be a cause of trouble for an expecting mother.

If you are well in your gestation and looking for answers, let’s dive into some facts to determine if cloudy urine at this time is a concern or normal.

Is it common to have cloudy urine in pregnancy?

You’re not alone in your worries, it is a common phenomenon, and several factors come into play if you have white cloud-like consistency in your pee.

Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy – Causes

Usually, the issue is not much grave and easily resolvable; however, others may require some assistance.

Hormonal Changes In Pregnancy
If you see cloudy urine in your pregnancy, particularly first trimester, the reason could plainly be hormones. Tell your doctor about it during the next visit.

Drinking water is of prime importance to keep up with the electrolytes. If you don’t drink enough water, you may notice cloudy stuff in your urine; moreover, your pee will also be darker than normal in color.

Urinary Tract Infections – UTI
UTIs are a pretty common of a problem during pregnancy. There is a higher chance of getting one in weeks 6 to 24. This is because your increasing uterus size stops you from fully emptying your bladder.

Excess Urine In Protein
This happens mostly in the later stage of pregnancy. Sometimes, extra protein in urine signals preeclampsia. It may cause severe consequences such as kidney damage and high BP resulting in a fatality.

This is one of the grave reasons we talked about earlier. Pregnancy doesn’t spare you from sexually transmitted diseases and is one of such issues that makes your urine cloudy.

Gonorrhea is easily treatable via antibiotics. However, you should go for treatment immediately as it can cause serious issues for you and your baby.

Vitamin Overload
Prenatal vitamins are beneficial for both mother and the baby. You should always ask your doctor to prescribe you enough externally for better fetal growth. Sometimes, those external vitamins are the reason for cloudy yellow urine. Two of the biggest culprits are vitamins B and C.

When Should I Take Action?
It is better to be safe than sorry in this matter. Pregnancies can quickly go out of hand, seemingly out of nowhere, especially in the case of preeclampsia.

You should always keep in touch with your doctor and inform them about the changes happening. Do not feel that any query is unimportant or usual. There is no need to dismiss your concerns during pregnancy , either you have cloudy urine or any other trouble, head to Internal Medicine And Diagnostic Center for your answers. We are also a call away from connecting; dial 281 252 8600.



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