5 Reasons Why You Have Bloody Mucus in Your Nose

Imagine blowing your nose on the tissue paper — only to see bloody boogers! Many people notice blood in mucus when blowing their nose, and usually, it’s not a serious concern. Blood in snot is something many Americans notice. Since your nose has a significant blood supply, blowing it frequently can lead to bleeding. There are multiple treatments for bleeding nose, but what are the causes? Carry on reading to learn why you might have bloody mucus in your nose.

Why Do I Have Bloody Mucus in My Nose?

Damage to the interior of nasal passages can result in a bleeding nose. Mostly, nosebleeds occur in the septum of the nose, especially the front bottom section. Many blood vessels are present in your nose. You might notice blood when blowing your nose when even one blood vessel gets damaged.

Some reasons for bloody mucus in the nose include:

1. The Weather is Cold or Dry

You might notice blood in snot more often in winter due to the dry and cold air. There’s a lack of moisture in your nose during the cold and dry months, damaging the blood vessels. Coupled with the weather, spending time indoors in heated environments with little to no humidity might increase the dryness in your nose. Consequently, you might notice dried blood in your nose. Moreover, a dry nose delays the healing of broken blood vessels, leading to frequent episodes of bloody boogers.

You might be able to reduce this by using the tips to soothe dry nasal passages. Consult your doctor before trying anything.

2. You Pick Your Nose

Children, and even adults, might pick their noses frequently. This act can damage blood vessels and lead to blood in snot. Hence, blood when blowing your nose might be an indication to stop nose-picking.

3. There’s a Foreign Object in Your Nose

Your nose might be bleeding because there’s a foreign object stuck in it. The presence of a foreign object can cause trauma to the blood vessels in your nose. If you use a nasal spray, it’s possible that the tip of the applicator is stuck in your nose. Consult a healthcare provider immediately if you suspect this to be the reason for your bloody mucus.

4. You Have Nasal Congestion or Respiratory Infection

The bloody mucus in your nose could signify nasal congestion or respiratory infection. Blowing your nose frequently might damage the blood vessels. You might sneeze or cough frequently when you have a respiratory infection, resulting in broken blood vessels. Conditions like the common cold, sinusitis and more can cause nasal congestion or respiratory infections.

5. You Suffer from an Anatomical Abnormality

If you have bony spurs, deviated septum, fractures, or another anatomical abnormality, it could lead to bloody mucus in the nose. This is because your nose might not receive the required amount of moisture. Therefore, you may notice bloody clots when blowing your nose due to these conditions.

The Closing Word

Bloody mucus in your nose might indicate multiple issues; however, it’s usually not a serious concern. Your healthcare provider can help you by diagnosing the cause and suggesting adequate treatment. Aqeeq Internal Medicine has a team of experts working to give you a healthy life. Dial (832) 786-8195 to schedule an appointment. You can drop by our clinic at 16125 Cairnway Dr. Ste 114, Houston, TX 77084.



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