Month: March 2022

Causes Of Excessive Mouth Watering

Mar 30, 2022

If you’re worried about why your mouth is suddenly producing too much saliva, this article will answer several of your questions. The condition you’re dealing with right now is known as hypersalivation, in which the saliva-producing glands give out excessive saliva. The condition can be persistent or temporary, depending on the cause. Read on to […]

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Shingles in Your Mouth: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Mar 15, 2022

Varicella-zoster is a virus that causes infection leading to shingles. Normally shingles appear on the skin, but they can develop inside the mouth too. Keep reading to learn about the causes of oral shingles, symptoms, and treatment options. Causes of shingles in your mouth Shingles mainly attack your skin, epithelium, and mucosa. Oral shingles develop […]

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